Victoria Molina


My name is Victoria Molina, I was born in 1988 in Durango, a calm and silent city in the north of México, actually living near Mexico City. Trying every day to keep my sense of wonder. I’m in continuous self-analysis.

Art has always been in my life and I want to think that is in everyone’s life, however, it makes an almost mythological call to some of us, which leads us to dedicate ourselves in body and mind to artistic creation. As a child I had a natural skill to draw, which I would call an ability to observe the world in detail.

I studied Industrial Design, but what has always interested me is to work and experiment with different materials, maybe it was my love of nature that made me decide to work mainly with waste materials, such as magazine paper.

The prevailing need to live a creative life, the possibility to express myself while my eyes and my hands work in coordination, the power to surprise the viewer on any given day, the possibility of recovering waste materials and making something bigger than these.

My studio used to be very calm and quiet, now it is a bit noisy for me, however it is a place that just by entering makes me happy, it smells of wood, because I have many wooden things, some people say that I am very neat to be an artist, I think I could always be cleaner and tidier. Natural light is what I like the most about this place.

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