Una Ursprung


My name is Una Ursprung, was born in 1985 in Taipei, Taiwan. Now living and working in Alsace, France, near Basel. I am a cat lover with four cats, I also love all animals and nature. I like quiet places, observing plants and following my intuition. I believe in my own pace and don’t like to compare myself with others. I paint and will soon be a new mom.

My mother sent me to learn many things when I was little, painting, playing the piano, dancing and even math… But my mom thought I only had a little talent in the drawing part, so she only let me continue to learn to draw. And so goes to this day, I have never stopped painting.

I think my motive of painting is to realize myself, to complete myself. I don’t want to stay at a certain stage, I want to paint better works. I need to have the feeling of always moving forward and constantly challenging myself. Without painting, I would feel lost and have nothing.

My studio is in the backyard of my house, it is a small chalet of about 28 meters square. The studio has many windows that overlook my apple trees, cherry trees and various plum trees. It is a very rural place, surrounded by nature, where you can enjoy the sounds of animals from the nearby farms and birds singing.    

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