Stanislas Piechaczek


I am Stanislas Piechaczek, 31 years old. Born in Issoudun France, living in Queensland, Australia, with my daughter and my pregnant wife. Painting is such a big part of my life that I very rarely need a kick up the butt to do it.

My mum is an artist painter so painting and everything that comes with it has always been familiar. I didn’t study Art but experimented with it over the years through drawing, poetry and paint.

I have always played with the contrast of things. Whether it’s in my techniques, textural or not, in my subjects, beautiful and ugly, calm and violence.  Sort of a balance of opposites, a fight between colours, texture and subjects.

As I said different techniques play an important role in each piece, and I have been, and I am still experimenting with it. From water to rugs, flat to thick, bold colours to earthy tones. I have no secrets but yet I wont tell you anything. As an art lover I find it sometimes more interesting to discover artwork without its recipe.

80% of the time I start with the background on un-stretched linen or canvas laid on the floor. I rarely draw or sketch but I think and imagine a lot of my paintings. Spontaneity is always present in my paintings, even the most thought out and prepared pieces.  It creates accidents necessary in the pursuit of my experimentation and I need to create problems to see opportunities.

Creating is the motivation. Whether I like or not I need to get it out of my system. Painting is such a big part of my life that I very rarely need a kick up the butt to do it. We are in an era where the discovery of artwork is literally at our fingertips and I have been inspired and influenced by many artists.  The art of film has played a tremendous role in the making of my artwork like Romeo and Juliet & Apocalypse Now for example.

I believe I have a word limit in this interview so I’ll try to keep it short with Painters I love and am inspired by.  David Hockney, Julian Schnabel, Francis Bacon, Jean Michel Basquiat, VladimirTretchikoff, Leon Golub, Lucian Freud, Pablo Picasso, Henry Matisse, Dali, Willem de kooning and shout out to my boys from the Renaissance, Sandro Botticeli and all his mates…

I am very fortunate to have a fairly large studio, which gives me space to create large paintings and room to play and experiment. However, for my upcoming show this year in Sydney I am building an outdoor studio in the forest at the back of my house. Like in previous artist in residencies I have completed, I am excited to get out of the comfort of my studio and see what happens.

Art is a tool to communicate, to express ourselves, to entertain, to heal, to create emotion, to reminisce and to see further. Art is nothing , everything and even sometime anything.

Piece with Artist. ©

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