Schoph Schofield


My name is Schoph Schofield, I was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK in 1979. Self taught, living and residing in the Isle of Axholme, North Lincolnshire.  ‘Empty cans make the most rattle’. Let your work do the talking.

I grew up as a kid spending hours drawing and painting in my own world since I can remember. School came around and at the age of 12 or 13 was told I’d never be an artist and not be able to take art at school by the teacher who looked like Tina Turner. Turns out Tina didn’t like me drawing what I wanted to …… instead of what the school wanted. Drawing and Painting was the only thing I enjoyed and was good at, so I left school with nothing.

I’d always drawn and filled sketchbooks so I carried on as per usual ……… Maybe that teacher saying I can’t, sparked that flame in me and pushed me to go against that at a young age,……. So maybe I should thank Tina.  Fast forward a few years later and growing up skateboarding I was exposed into a whole new world, bringing me to my other passion Snowboarding. Moving and traveling from the French alps, I became fortunate to work with brands that supported me professionally. Down the line and coming full circle to the present day I began building working relationships as an Artist in the Snowboard world.

On the flip side I feel you can’t pigeon hole yourself as an artist. Like a musician that can play drums but also can play guitar, if i have an idea i like to find a way to make it happen …. even if its polar opposites or new to how i usually produce works. It’s all about progression and balance and that made me want to work in a number of different mediums.  Over those years of transition from being a snowboarder to full time artists, I didn’t know anything about the so-called art world ………. to be honest even that I’d be somehow a part of it. Back in 2010 I began working and being represented by Redhouse Originals Gallery, Harrogate for my Abstract and mixed media works. Which gave me more of an understanding and helped grow my practice.

For years I was moving around alot and with the travel I’d change studios and work from where I would have exhibitions. The past 6 yrs having a studio in Costa Mesa, CA and my native homeland creating a balance between the two.  With the current climate, the pandemic and having my wings clipped, my studio is now the main room of an 18th century manor house called ‘Hirst Priory’ in the Isle of Axholme, North Lincolnshire. The buildings grand, huge walls, light and airey, and a lot of space inside and out. Where I produced my largest Abstract series to date ‘The Quarantine Paintings’.  My studio is a space for me to open up a dialogue of my thoughts. It’s a sanctuary, it’s a home.   

Piece with Artist. ©

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