Saxon JJ Quinn


My name is Saxon JJ Quinn. 35 years of age. Born in Allendale, Victoria, Australia, Currently living in Melbourne. My works are my escape, I enjoy the peace it brings when I’m in the studio..

I grew up surrounded by art, my mother is an artist and has been well before I was born, my father was a graphic designer and artist. Our family home had a large studio/gallery space down the back of the property where I used to sit with mum as a young child. It was inevitable that I began painting, I just wasn’t sure when It would happen. After a year in NYC in 2016 I began having the urge to paint and to explore this area.  I would like to create the new, not repeat the past.

Painting is my time to escape and unwind. In my otherwise cluttered mind, I find painting gives me that breathing room to live in the moment and enjoy the process of creating works. The more I paint, the more I feel that my works represent that balance – amongst the roughness there’s a sense of calm.

My studio is a short drive from my home in an old industrial area of Melbourne. I share the space with a furniture designer @moonpool. Huge industrial windows offering great natural light.

Piece with Artist. ©

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