Sergio Gómez.
Words by Suso Barciela.

Surprising the audience in each of your creations is challenging, and impressing both the art scene and critics even more so. One of those artists who has captivated the contemporary art scene is Sergio Gómez, whose work delves into the nuances of color, composition, and intuition. Through his intimate approach and deeply reflective process, he has managed to create a unique visual language that transcends conventional boundaries.

At the core of Sergio’s work lies the masterful fusion of color and composition. His canvases are more than mere surfaces; they are vehicles for conveying emotions and sensations through the interplay of tones and shapes. However, his creative process is not merely the result of sudden inspiration; it stems from careful observation of the world around him. The city becomes his palette, abandoned industrial sites become his canvas. Thus, his mural painting in these forgotten places, neglected by industry and society, restores life to these locations through art, turning them into silent witnesses of his creative process.

Beyond technique and execution, the Sevillian artist’s creative process is a journey in itself, revealing that his approach is not simply about painting but about problem- solving. Each brushstroke is a step toward the visual solution he seeks, and this approach is evident in his refusal to create traditional sketches. Instead, he immerses himself obsessively in experimentation, trial, and error. The construction of his work is an evolving process based on ideas rather than sketches, and each stroke is a small test that guides him toward the final creation, like pieces of a puzzle gradually coming together…

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