Andrea Ehret


My name is Andrea Ehret, I was born in Slovakia in 1978, a small but beautiful country with strong traditions and magical fairytales. Currently living and working in Prague, Czech Republic.

My oldest and most treasured childhood memories are hikes and walks in nature with my dad looking for different wood, tree, rock shape, reflection, unique light or atmosphere… My dad is a dreamer and so am I, he always pointed to these extraordinary moments for me ,encouraging me to think outside of the box. I think that is where everything started for me, I was surrounded by people encouraging my imagination to glow. My grandma’s fairy tales and lots of time and freedom to play with paints and color. Since I remember whenever I felt down I turned towards art, I painted out my pain.

I used to paint since I remember.. as a small child I spent hours observing the colors and reflections, drawing, playing with colors… SInce I remember I wanted to be an artist and I thought like one,… Becoming a mother not only made me a better person but better artist too. I just embraced different parts of me, made more contemplative works.. I am truly thankful for that.

My works are abstract expressive oil and mixed media paintings. Passionate yet dreamy paintings with beautiful light I attempt to create connection to the other worlds. My approach is strongly connected to my  vision of life, I choose art as a tool for possible self-transformation. I invite my viewers for the spiritual voyage, there is this longing for a dream-like experience, where everything is possible and perfect harmony exists. Maybe it is this world and maybe some other.

I often use impasto layers,play with structures and layers.. while using liquid mixed media techniques combined with organic or metallic powders. Structures are layered in their own rhythm, thick brush strokes and layers enhanced with transparent gold creating the Light.

My painting is strongly inspired by Eastern philosophy and can be viewed as an expression of inner meditation, a reflection of my own inner world, embracing my own Light and Shadow via balancing tones, flow like brush strokes, a feeling of harmony and powerful energy. I love Zao Wou Ki and Chinese Ink calligraphy, also contemporary ink artists.

I love to be alone  and create in my studio, sometimes I paint with my son but I guess I do not feel very comfortable to invite visitors. I often listen to music and podcasts while I work. I think carefully about what kind of energy I call inside my studio,….even with music sometimes.

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