Lola Erhart


My name is Lola Erhart, I was born in 1989 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, recently moved to Patagonia, and here is where I plan to stay, close to its immense nature. If something became clear to me during the quarantine, is that I am no longer willing to give up contact with nature. It gives me perspective and my paintings have become deep and mysterious since I moved here.

During my childhood, with my family we used to move a lot from one country to another, at first the adventure was fun, but as I got closer to adolescence, the lack of permanence started to hit me. This was where I started to paint regularly and realized that this was my channel, where I felt free and safe. Never stopped since then.

I find the practice of painting quite similar to dance, in fact I was a contemporary dancer for a while. The brushstroke is basically the result of a movement therefore the body has to be involved as a whole. In this way I also seek to connect with intuition, by being present an aware of my own body during the practice. I think that sometimes reason and judgment take us away from intuition, which is the closest thing to animal instinct that we have. Therefore, movement and intuition is where the good stuff comes from.

My studio is attached to my house in the woods, in Patagonia Argentina, next to Cordillera de los Andes. Surrounded by immense and wild nature. I’m quite explosive type of painter, I spend a while going around the studio, observing, sorting out things, trying to get in the mood, until saaaaz!! I hit the canvas, almost like choreography, I start painting.   

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