Kuzana Ogg


My name is Kuzana Ogg, born in Bombay, India. Travelled a bit and currently residing in Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA. I’m an enthusiastic observer and appreciator of language, people, fashion, art in all its forms, cloudy and rainy weather, architecture and small cafes. These are the things I seek out when I travel, and they linger in my paintings many years after my return home.

Bombay is a city of voluptuous color, fragrance, sound and spirit. During my early childhood there, I began to cultivate an appreciation for chaos–every imaginable color in our gardens, the textiles of my grandmother’s saris, in Bollywood productions, billboard advertising, food, skin, language, traffic and music–constantly in motion. My first coloring books were filled with random scribbles of color completely unrelated to either the subject matter or the boundaries of the printed image. This joyful exuberance of color and form that I search for in my paintings today.

Peaceful; filled with gentle mountain light, bird song, and the scent of pine wafting up from the canyon below. Spare; furnished with my tools, some growing things, and my paintings during their evolution. Balanced; the implied presence of natural elements in architectural forms and materials.    

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