Maria Eduarda Boabaid


My name is Maria Eduarda Boabaid and I was born in Florianópolis, an island in the South of Brazil in 1998. There’s a book Wabi-Sabi that I carry with me and I take to my art. This japonesa wisdom invites you to relax in the beauty of life at any moment and withdraw all that’s unnecessary to then discover what’s within. To see the world not with the logical mind, but with the heart. It reminds us to look for the beauty in the everyday, to allow that beauty to move us. Because sometimes the real message lies in what can’t be said. I feel this with art, because it is what allows me to express all that I cannot put into words.

Since I was a little girl I always found myself among colors, pencils and drawings. Formally I tried to manifest my art in Fashion Design and Graphic Design, until in 2019 my grandmother, Elci Irene Marçal Boabaid, gave me all her painting supplies. That’s when the artist in me felt understood. Finally, I found my true passion in life: transforming my emotions and experiences into art.

Feelings are very lonely, confusing, and often scary. With painting, I feel I can connect with myself and my emotions, this is my creative process. It is through painting that I try to decipher the feelings that I cannot put into words. Painting is my healing.

My aunt had an industrial kitchen downstairs in her house where she made petit gateau. When she decided to stop working there, it coincided with the very moment that I started painting. I used to paint on the porch of my apartment, but the space became too small. At that point she offered me the space in her old industrial kitchen to turn into my studio. I am very grateful for my uncles for opening this space for me and encouraging my art. 

Art for me is expression. It’s letting our feelings speak for ourselves. We live in a world that fears and runs away from vulnerability, but it is through it and only through it that we can connect deeply with other human beings. Art is shared vulnerability that can happen in many ways. After all, art is not something to be explained or rationalized, it lives in a very subtle place and I allow myself to enter this mystery where it takes me. I’m just an instrument to channel it. Art for me is surrender.

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