Joon Lee


I’m Joon Lee, 28, born in Seoul, South Korea, currently living in Vancouver, Canada. Herbert Read had a saying, “A slave is happy, but happiness is not enough” that shifted my behaviour to expose my consciousness to the world. I believe that we should all do something that frightens our insecurities..because if you ain’t scared, are you really living?

I’ve always wanted to paint, but never got around to it until I was let go due to covid so I decided to dive deep into reading art history/theory/philosophy in order to experiment with paints.

Motivation is a word I often reject as I believe that it is an inadequate foundation to push oneself with art. A force of discipline is what I primarily focus on so that I create every day, no matter my mood of inspiration or motivation.

I paint in a 100 year old brick wall, open space studio, which was occupied by well known jazz musicians prior to my residence. The acoustics in here is outstanding!  

It’s difficult to define a word that carries more weight that it sounds. Personally, art is defined as the purest form of experimentation..whether that is through painting or cooking or creating mathematical equations. It doesn’t matter of the specificity for me, as long as it’s birthed from extensive practice of experimentation. 

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