Janet Pulcho


My name is Janet Pulcho and I believe that my paintings can bring something beautiful and inspiring in other peoples life because there is so much ugliness in the world.  In 1997 I was born in south city Odessa,Ukraine. People know me because of my huge watercolor flowers. That’s amazing how paintings can bring out so many thoughts and memories from the past when you only look at them.

I started my art practice around 8 years ago. I completed a master degree in fine arts in Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture.  During studies we always had to paint with oil but soon I discovered  watercolor and fell in love with it.

For me it’s like meditation. When I paint time just goes by. Usually when people see how I paint with watercolor, they say that they are attached to the process, it’s like shamanism.

It’s a wonderful place in the historical city centre. I paint everyday so I quickly got attached to this place and now it feels like home to me. I like that my studio looks very authentic. Before me, the studio belonged to another artist. He was an old man and after his death a lot of unique Art Nouveau furniture was left.

Art is everything for me, I paint every day and I can’t imagine my life without it. I think that art must inspire and calm, because there are so much depressing abstract art. I absolutely not mind it, but I think that artists by bringing up problematics should give an answer as well.

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