Ingrid Sawadsky


My name is Ingrid Sawadsky, I am 31 years old and living with my little family in a small town in Detmold, Germany. Music plays an important role in my life. „I find you can be nothing if its nothing you believe in and the consequences of half truths are deceiving.“ (Lyrik from the album In Exile by Michael Patrick Kelly).

Since I can remember, I scribble on everything I can find, on my hands, feather folder, the wall in my room. I was crazy about comics and copying the figures most of the time. After school I was open to many creative areas, especial for photography. So I decided to train as a media designer to work independently afterwords. At the time I always painted. After I had to give up my self-employment for personal reasons the art became even bigger. Creating something with my body is heaven on earth for me and I don’t want to do anything else.

I love this question. They are actually forces that work. I am very sensitive and feel very strong. Particularly the emotions of people. Often I don’t know where a certain feeling comes from and it torments me. So I paint feelings and let go. My paintings are an expression of the experience with the longing to create a connection between body, soul and mind. Music plays an important role, so my paintings often bear the name of a certain song.

It is a place with two poles. First it is a sacred space in wich my soul can rest and I no longer have a sense of time. But also a place where I can fight my personal battles. Sometimes I win and sometimes I loose. 

Piece with Artist. ©

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