Franco Hüller


My name is Franco Hüller, born in Italy in 1975. I live in Prague, Czech Republic. Every time when I pause to take an imaginary snapshot of my life, I realize I live exactly the way I wanted to live. Creating is like breathing, whether I pay attention to it or not I can’t stop doing it.

Photo. Kaciaryna Pikirenia.

I started painting at the Academy of Fine Arts but I’ve been drawing since childhood. What sparked my interest in art was a mesmerizing trick my sister used to play for me: she drew the number 813 on a piece of paper and turned it into the figure of a naked woman by rotating the page.

I need motivation not to paint, painting is my lifelong addiction. Thoughts and actions oscillate rhythmically while painting. Sometimes I paint because there’s a thought I want to visualize, sometimes because I prefer to be absorbed into actions. No matter what I do, every time the results of my actions are inevitably different from my plans, for better or worse.

I live and work in an old aristocratic flat with high ceilings and white walls in the centre of Prague. I like to keep the doors between the studio and the bedroom open so that I can watch the paintings I work on first thing in the morning, right from my bed.  

Piece with Artist. ©

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