Flora Castiglia


I’m Flora Castiglia. I’m 30. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like nature, and things that connect me with my childhood. I think those two essentials keep us safe and happy, and we should take more care of them. That’s why I love painting.  It’s a way to get out of  the everyday rush we live in. The anagrams that appear in my paintings are a call to stop and observe. To look for what could be underneath. To take a moment; a thing that’s hard nowadays.

I’ve always painted. My mom is an artist too, so I  have had the chance to explore this world since I was very young. I’ve been working on editing videos these years, but during lockdown, I got fully into painting and everything happened very quickly. In a few months I did a lot of pieces. I started showing my works on Instagram and the feedback has been so kind. Nowadays I can make a living out of my art.

Painting makes my life better. It connects me with the essential things. I don’t think about anything else during that moment. That’s magic for me. Art is what saves me from everything.

My studio is located in a central part of Buenos Aires.  It’s a bright vintage place, with high ceilings and plenty of space to create, I really love it. Very good things happen there.  

As i said before, art is what saves me. It’s my way to stop and connect with my feelings without anything else around. Just feelings.

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