Esther Miquel


My name is Esther Miquel, I am 38 years old, born and based in Barcelona, but lived in Costa Rica for some years. I am a creative consultant, graphic and interior designer focused on abstract painting.

Painting has always been around me along with music, I remember painting and singing in my room almost every evening after school, it was a natural thing to do for me. I am a self-taught painter and learned by experimenting with simple and ordinary materials and techniques. Through the years my style and aesthetics have been refined according to the persona I became.

I found painting to be a good practice to communicate to the audience –in a very conceptual manner– my values, questions, ideas, and how I perceive certain things. I work with a narrow color palette and it is challenging and exciting for me to create –through small marks and limited elements– a good piece full of content and emotion.

I recently moved into my current studio and it is the first time that I don’t live in it. Usually, I would have my workshop and home area in the same space. Even though there is some beauty in leaving home every morning, I am in the search of looking for another space. I miss the comfort of stepping out of the bed and be right at the studio to paint the best possible piece. 

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