Gabrielle K. Brown


My name is Gabrielle K. Brown and I was born in 1994. I am from the east coast of Canada living in a small old city by the ocean called Saint John. My focus in life and in my art is to be present, to listen to my spirit at all times and to keep the inner child alive. One of my favourite passages that I live by is ‘To begin, begin’ – William Wordsworth.

Painting has always played a big role in my life since I was young. It naturally has been a part of me for as long as I can remember, I grew up alongside my sister Chloe who is an artist and she is 3 years older then I am, so watching her make art and being more advanced than me really pushed me to be better and she has inspired me greatly throughout my life.

My biggest motivation comes from the life force within me. I find the more I am fully present and seek truth in myself and in my surroundings is when I become flooded with visions and ideas which keeps me excited in my art.  My other big motivation is my son Roscoe, from the moment he was born he was the driving force in my decision to make art full time. I knew right then that I wanted to support myself and him through my art so he could grow up and see that any path is possible.

My studio is in my home in the front of the house where it gets the most light, it is the biggest studio I’ve had so far which is a real treat. The place I live has a lot of old character with very high ceilings, old light fixtures and two beautifully carved wooden fireplaces, one being in my studio which I love. I keep a lot of art books around me, various trinkets that I’ve collected like skulls, bones, pelts and random vintage objects and of course some photos on the walls of things that bring me joy and inspiration.   
Art is a way of being present, it is a form of expressing the truth within yourself so that it ignites the truth within another. It is the freedom to evoke emotion and to be able to question things. To me art exists in all things in one form or another, so to make art is a creation creating itself over and over again. It’s simply a pure circle that never ends, it goes on forever – which is a beautiful thing.

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