Ekin Buyuksahin


I’m Ekin Buyuksahin (Ekinakis). I was born in Ankara in 1985 and I’m currently living and working in İzmir/Turkey. My journey started by following the belief that doing what you love is one of the most necessary things for a peaceful mind in life. What I love most about painting is that it makes me feel like I’m holding my breath and diving into the water; with the same excitement every time, with the voices I intentionally muffed, with the calmness of being alone and with a magical obscurity.

At the age of 7, I started the children’s choir. When I was 12, I started going to the conservatory. During high school, I was making some drawings just for myself. In the first year of college, after finding my dad’s old camera at home, I attended photography classes. In my 3rd year, I firmly decided that creating something from scratch would make me happier than playing an instrument. I finished all school related duties in 2008, got my bachelor’s degree on viola. Then I concentrated on painting and photography. My painting career started professionally in 2013.

My studio is located in Urla, Izmir. It’s a single storey building on the seaside in a small village with a fantastic moonrise view. It was built nearly 30 years ago. Later, when we moved here from Istanbul, it was renovated. Honestly, any place would be my studio space but I feel lucky to be surrounded by this incredible nature for about 4 years. I have to admit that this part of my life has been way more different than my previous experiences both personally and artistically. 

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