Dayron Gonzalez


My name is Dayron Gonzalez, I’m 39 years old  and I was born in Quivican, a small town close to Havana, Cuba. I graduated from San Alejandro National Art Academy in Havana, 2007 and right after that I immigrated to Miami, Florida where I currently live and work as an artist.I am very interest in how the past modifies and shapes us as human beings. All we consume from our world, everything that happens to us, works as a sediment in our memory building up mostly the person we are today.

I was that child that was most of the time drawing on a piece of paper anywhere. I used to enjoy trying to reproduce objects from reality and transform them into something else, soon enough I realize that I wanted to be a painter, an artist.

Painting is one of the most enjoyable things for me.  I am very motivated by the possibility that painting gives me to tell stories through images.

My studio is my comfort place, where I try not to think about time in order to let myself go.  I go most days with the ambition of creating something new. Is the place where I materialize ideas, projects.    

Art is a way of living, is the way I find to communicate and interact with the world.

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