Colette Lavette


My name is Colette LaVette, 29, born and living in the middle of England.  Edward Hopper said it best when he said ‘if I could say it in words, I would not need to paint’.

Dad let me use his watercolours when I was about 7. I painted a fuchsia tree in the garden, that was the first time I started to see myself as creatively capable. It felt so good when people seemed to get joy from the picture, and that’s probably what has kept me going back to painting the most throughout my life.

To create art that adds to the worlds beauty without taking unnecessarily from it.  To be a positive female role model to my two daughters.

My studio is in an outbuilding to the 15th century thatched cottage I live in with my family. Funny, since our entire home was apparently once an outbuilding to a larger manor.  The studio is basic, disorganised and chaotic and consists mostly of packaging materials. But there’s one calm corner with the perfect light and that’s where my easel sits. I usually paint here with my smallest daughter napping in a sling. I make my naturally pigmented oil paints on the window sill next to me. 

Piece with Artist. ©

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