Clara Madeleine Tournay


My name is Clara Madeleine Tournay, born in 1996. I am an abstract-contemporary painter, based in Paris, who through my self-study wishes to represent a moment of life in a painting, and to share my perception of the moments lived. Life is my muse.

It was 12 years ago, when my father was building the house, he had a few pots of paint, brushes and styrofoam sheets left. I discovered my attraction to art after a childhood game of painting with my sister in the garden. The fun fact? This canvas is actually my painting palette, I had started to draw a house on another canvas, and finally I found a much better interest in this canvas that served as my palette. The first time I did abstract art.

Through the introspection of my emotions and my vision of the world’s expressions, I invite the public to live an emotional experience in each of my works. When I paint, I seek to freeze a moment of existence in the canvas. I want the audience to travel while contemplating it. My greatest wish is that at the end of each creation, the canvas has captured that moment and can convey a moment of serenity to its viewer. That he can let his mind escape in this canvas. The beauty of what surrounds us is a spectacle for our eyes, so I strive to honor it, drawing macroscopic and microscopic cartographies of our world.

Painting on the ground, living, dancing around the canvas and the use of breath on the colors are the foundations of my creative process. The combination of “pouring”, “action painting” and “blown paint” techniques juxtaposed with the shades of color give a hypnotic rhythm to the canvas. My artworks become an experience for the audience: they invite the viewer to take his mind on a journey beyond reality.

My studio is a quiet place, close to Paris, bright and spacious. I am in a collaborative space with other artists and craftsmen. I am convinced that sharing knowledge is one of the most beautiful riches of human beings. I decided to work in an open space surrounded by architects, painters, designers and craftsmen. The creation of others is a source of inspiration. I often play with the sunlight on the canvas, sometimes the shadows of my window come to draw a perspective on the canvas. I take these reflections as an idea, and I come and draw the lines on my canvas. I freeze this moment by including it in the work of art.

My works have this particularity of changing tones according to the inclination of the sun. The rays come to reflect on the golden shades, the room is then illuminated with colors. This is what I like best about art and the use of colors, a painting will always be different depending on your angle of view, the time of day, the light in your room, your emotion… That’s why it’s important for me to have a very bright studio, lit by the outside light.

I believe that art allows human beings to travel with their minds and imaginations. I am convinced  that art stimulates our intelligence through our creativity. I don’t have the power to claim that art can change the world but I have the ability to think that it can change the perception we have of the world and of life, make people happy, sad, give energy or the desire to invent a story and even be at the origin of human encounters.

Piece with Artist. ©

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