Elinor Shapiro


My name is Elinor Shapiro, I was born in 1997 Los Angeles. I currently live in New York, but am about to embark upon a lengthy adventure traveling everywhere.

Painting has always been a part of my life. My parents, especially my father, deeply encouraged exploration of visual art. I was raised in art museums and art became my obsession. As I got older that love never faded, I just kept at it.

Painting is like therapy for me. I draw and paint to process my life, emotions, and experiences. As humans our emotions are complicated. You can find yourself experiencing a multitude of feelings in response to one small moment of life. I sort through all that by painting. Each figure is a physical embodiment of a feeling or thought, maybe it’s interacting with another. The process of creation can help solve how I feel about a situation.

At the moment I have an amazing studio space. It has tall ceilings and fantastic natural light, it has just about everything a painter could wish for. i like to work simply, i dont really need furniture, just a wall to staple my canvas too, and a floor to draw on. But i’m about to walk away from all that, while i’m traveling i likely won’t have any space or will be working out doors. I think the most important thing for a studio is for the artist to have control over the space, who comes and goes. To have a space that’s constantly being interrupted makes it really hard to dive into the thought processes needed to create. 

Art is life, art is unique, art is projecting your mind on the outside for everyone to participate in.

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