Aline Gaiad


My name is Aline Gaiad, I was born in 1979 in Brazil, raised in Rio de Janeiro, “carioca da gema” and I’ve been living in London – UK now for almost 20 years with my husband, my two daughters and a lovely Maine Coon named Mark. My work is very emotional and I try to reveal my thoughts on the canvas through texture, colour and figure.

Thankfully my grandfather was a very accomplished painter. I remember from a very young age being drawn to the smell of his oil paints. I have very strong memories of his studio and from his realistic still life paintings that influence me to this day. Since then I have had the desire to express myself through art, however with my lack of ability on drawing my ambitions were diminished. When I discovered figurative art a whole wide world opened up to me. My parents are collectors and I remember spending massive amounts of time just mesmerized by all the pieces at home. So I guess I have always been a painter by nature.

The characteristic of my paintings and works on canvas are the almost physical-looking figurations as well as intuitive abstractions with numerous references to the Bible. I’m inspired by basically anything but I mainly paint my prayers and thoughts that are strong in my mind. It is not always easy, it’s sometimes quite hard to do a painting but I don’t really have one particular emotion that inspires me to make a painting, so I kind of leave that open and see what happens when I start painting and try not worry too much about how it’s gonna turn out. Having fun is the key that is quite a hard lesson to learn when you are a full time painter.

I am very fortunate to have a good setup at home and in between every coffee I brew, I paint. I have to be very focused as I can be distracted easily with household chores but to be able to be home with my girls and work at the same time is a real treasure and I don’t take for granted. The biggest bonus is that I can paint whenever I feel like painting, even before bed if I have a strong insight I can run to the canvas.

We are a piece of art. Each single person in the whole world from every generation. Every fingerprint, every tone of voice, every characteristic is art. We are art and we are designed to be artistic.

Piece with Artist. ©

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