Alexandra Hedberg


My name is Alexandra Hedberg, I live and work in Göteborg Sweden, where I was also born. I always say “Why make it easy if you can make it difficult?” Challenge, strain and physical effort in the working process – but also play – help me create expression. I make big works on paper that at first glance often look like paintings, but are created by using screen printing techniques in an unorthodox and experimental way.

I have never ever wanted to be anything else than an artist. And as a small child being an artist was equal to being a painter. Colour is what makes painting special and my experience of colour has always been vivid, actually my important memories are often pinned to a certain colour. Painting was my first love and will always hold a special place in my heart, but I don’t really paint any more. But still, what I make right now, is very much perceived as paintings. 

I use art to try to understand life or to deal with what I find disturbing or dislike. I’m interested in the existential and dualism, which motivates me to make art works that often might seem pretty and pleasant, but which on closer inspection and given time, will reveal the opposite. To counterbalance the darkness of the themes I allow for playfulness in my process – which is also a driving force.

My studio is my escape, my chaos and my storage. My studio is ever changing; a place to read and draw, an art installation, the place for concrete casting and carpentry – and for dancing silly dances. It can also be described as 34 square meters, four windows, and with the possibility to climb out on the roof to work with messy stuff. 

For me art is about looking for answers, but not really wanting to find them. Art is trying.

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