Rita Maikova


My name is Rita Maikova, born in Kherson, Ukraine. I am a surrealist artist focusing on spiritual reality and meditative stillness. I see my art as an endless dialogue between the soul and the Universe. I am a desperate dreamer who learns to live simply and slowly being in the moment. I am a seeker, and every painting is a discovery and revelation. I am sensitive, and this is my gift and curse that help create new worlds.

I started drawing from the moment I learned to hold a pencil in my hand. I was lucky that my parents noticed my passion and took me to art school – this was the beginning of my lojn long education. While I was studying at the art university, I received my first commissions, I painted absolutely everything! And in parallel was looking for my own style. Yoga, meditation and spiritual sciences helped me a lot in this. Now the focus of my attention is directed to the study of inner harmony, I believe that this is a very important ingredient for art, because paintings emit the energy that the artist radiates.

The senses. I find it difficult to explain this, it is something inside me on a physical level. it’s just a necessity like air, I just can’t help but do it. Art is my life so I don’t need motivation to live it.

My studio is a large space filled with sun through huge windows. I really love it. The walls are warm beige, wooden furniture, everything is very harmonious and clean. I am a clean freak in my studio hahahah, this is my world in which I feel comfortable and free. I try to work systematically 5-8 hours a day. Come visit me, you will like it!   

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