Pati Baztán


My name is Pati, born in Spain in the 82. I live in the country side, near Barcelona, we are four at home, a multispecies family, my dog Basquiat, two cats: Malena, Mafalda and me. I am a female animal, of the human race, I don’t think I am more important than any other animal. McDonald’s sucks.

Image courtesy of Pati Baztán

It was in the 2002, when I was 20 years old, I was in Serbia with a University scholarship, the following year in the faculty of architecture I had, for the first time, the subject of drawing and I was very scared. I hadn’t drawn in my entire life, so a painter started giving me drawing classes and I had a lot of fun. A couple of years later, I went to Paris to study and I started sending postcards painted by me to the family and friends, that’s how it all began.

Image courtesy of Pati Baztán

Currently I’m working in a new pictorial technique that I’ve created myself and which I’ve called Earth skin. The result is a texture, satin look, water based. It could look like an organic skin, with its wrinkles of old age and its smooth parts of youth. I search the emotion in the contrast between material density and silence, a game of opposites in an attempt of brutal dialogue that try to disqualify and set human reasoning aside. I like to think on my paintings as if they were a small part of something bigger.

I often try to draw something that has occurred to me, but I never succeed, it doesn’t look the same, so in the end I just improvise.

Nature is my main source of inspiration, the shapes of the water, the light, shadows. I like to see my paintings as if they were a stone, something that has always been there and is natural, and just like that. I paint on the fabrics, stepping on them, I also press hard and end up exhausted but happy. It could be a similar feeling to the one I have when I climb a mountain, it is very physical and very meditative at the same time.

Joan Mitchell, Franz Kline, Cy Twombly, Georg Baselitz, Egon Schiele, Richard Serra, Palazuelo, Miguel Ángel Campano, Andy Goldsworthy… The artists that touch me are the ones I feel their soul in the work of art, I like to see the brushstroke, the strength, the contrast. A very perfect, closed, calculate and clean job doesn’t tell me anything. The non control open so many opportunities!

Image courtesy of Pati Baztán

My studio is in an old country house, where I live but in a separate space. It is a place full of light and silence, clean, white. My animals are my company, I like to be there.

Art is like love, it is the only thing that can break you inside and at the same time fill you with joy.

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