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My name is Oso Parado Mango. I am 1/2 Native american Apache and 1/2 Mexican. Vegan Feelgoodtarian. Love animals horses and dogs. I have a Vizla called Tepache. Born in small farm town Mexico call Chiconcuac. My art is a tool of self knowledge and also tool to connect with nature and people. Art help me too understand life and myself little more every work and life. I believe that art is the relationship between my desire to connect with nature, people and the universe. To entertain myself and enjoy the process of creating, the process is the art and the side effect is the artwork.

Image courtesy of Oso Parado Mango

My father was an artist, so since I was little I was surrounded by artists in a painters studio. It took me quite while to belive in myself  before I returned to painting again.

The new work talks about the relationship between space and the negative space. The act and the absence of the act. It is about how the silence between notes holds the same importance as the music. My approach to painting is about experimentation, I would like to explore different kinds of mediums and different states where I don’t have control over the painting. It is kind of like a collaboration, I do my part, and the second part is unknown, such as nature, an animal or something unpredictable that participates in the process. 

I think this series of work is closer to writing than to painting, in the sense that there is no representation. For me, writing is not a simple act of recording knowledge, but rather the poetic expression of a certain objects in relation. It is a ceremony. An exercise where the moment when my mind, via the body, meets the canvas, there is an sense of elevation. Seen from this angle, writing is the work of differentiation and reflection. Each painting is simple, yet together they form a group of single notes played at once to make a quick orchestral arrangement. Referencing the the internet age, where we can only digest so many images at once. The raw canvas acts as a pause for the mind, in juxtaposition to only a single neon stroke. Living in an era of hyper stimulation, the neglection of action becomes clarity.

Image courtesy of Oso Parado Mango

My art is not separate from my life style , it is an extension of me. I take my art with me as I travel between the jungle and the city, and my lifestyle choices like a fruitarian diet meditation , all goes into the work. 

I don’t start a painting, I am always thinking of the work, so the paintings are a continuation of the past work. I think we paint the same painting all the time, it is just an evolution. I do make sketches but I like the tension between the sketch and the unexpected is what im interested.

My motivation is to understand that in life, we have no control. I don’t want to control the art, so I try not to understand what I am doing until I have finished and I can then reflect on what I have done. It is walking in the unknown. My influences are nature and the polarity between the relationship of man with nature.

I don’t believe in a studio practice, I think the studio is everywhere, it is life. You can create anywhere, with everything, so I like to take the indoor space into the outdoor space. I prefer break the boundaries between the studio and life and create with all kinds of surroundings and all kinds of mediums.

Art for me is a space of total freedom, with no rules, no logic, and no utilitarian use. It is an experimental field where you can try whatever you like, in whatever way you want and share it with the world. It is return to being like a child again. Art help to heal.

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