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My name is Britty Em and I am an international selling contemporary artist. I was originally born in Canada, but moved to Australia as a child and have grown up on the Gold Coast where I currently work as an artist. I like to think creativity is a fundamental and integral part of the journey of being human. Approaching life from a creative angle allows for new and interesting possibilities. 

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I was always a creative child growing up as I have a mother who is an architect. I started taking painting seriously in high school with my first solo show being at the age of 17. From there I went on to art school completing a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. I took a 7 year break from painting while I pursued other creative endeavours and have recently come back to painting full time at the end of 2018. I had the urge to start painting again, as I wanted the creative freedom to express my own internal dialogue.

My painting’s are usually described as bold and bright, flat illustrative works that explore concepts and scenes of materialism and escapism. The work takes audiences on a journey through the seemingly familiar, yet extraordinary. My most recent work leans towards the concepts of escapism and consumerism that we as a society are led to believe is always an increasing goal, and that our happiness fundamentally depends on obtaining material possessions.

My style and technique integrates both concept and colour to create crisp clean work that infuses elements of graphic design, pop culture and fashion. My technique has evolved over time. I originally painted with less structure and it involved more chaos and mixed media. However I wanted to refine the practice (which is most likely influenced by many years of structure in the design industry) in which I started to become very meticulous and precise with my line work and painting technique. I like the idea of the work being created with clean lines, structure and. balance, but no doubt will want to break away into more chaos again in the near future. 

I usually tend to gather inspiration and begin with digitally producing a collage, experimenting with colours etc before moving onto a large canvas. I like to be able to visualise the process before I paint and then execute the work through precision and clean lines. I am usually always inspired by an ordinary object that begs to have it’s story told  (e.g. A classic wingback chair or a designer floral scarf).

I paint to relieve compulsive emotions that may arise within me. I find painting can be a meditative practice. I also paint to escape reality in a way. I would say my recent work has been influenced by graphic design, fashion and pop art and these paintings usually depict scenes full of colour and wonder, a place I would immerse myself in. I have been influenced by so many artists, and I am continually inspired by seeing emerging artists work. However household names would include the works of Frida Kahlo and Yayoi Kusama. The works of James Jean have also always been an inspiration to me as he tends to also work from sketch, to digital, to paint.

Image courtesy of Britty Em

My studio is currently a building attached to my house. I love the idea of being so close to my studio, so that I can come and go and paint when I feel. This way I am not so constricted to set hours if I needed to drive to a separate location. My studio is the perfect size and has all of this beautiful natural light, which I really love. I live on a small piece of land as well, so I have nature around me daily and tend to just leave the studio doors open while I paint. My studio is a place I feel free and light.

Art is life. Everywhere you look humans and animals are creating. We use our thoughts and imaginations to create our 3D reality around us. This to me is art. The ability to imagine and then create. Art is the highest form of self expression, it is a practice that requires courage and vulnerability and open mindedness.  Art in all forms is the ability to move, feel and embrace emotion and magic.

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