Aythamy Armas


I´m Aythamy Armas. I was born in the Canary Islands in 1977. I have been living and working in Barcelona since 2004. Living near the sea is important to me because I need to see the horizon. I think art is an attitude in life more than the artistic production. In terms of music i can listen to so many different styles like from Ludovico Einaudi to Yung Beef.

When I was a child I used to spend some afternoons every week with an uncle that was a loved painting, this is my first memory of enjoying painting. After years I studied arts and I have always had a studio where I work independently regardless of whether or not I could earn a living with it.

The challenge to build an image on an empty canvas, when to stop and all the decisions that you need to make in the middle of this process are the most important motivations to me when it comes to painting. I build the image from the stroke and its possibilities beyond the figurative and representation canons. I connect to myself while this process happens.

My studio is in the Gothic quarter in a building from s:XIX. I love the structure and the how the entrance hall looks. IT Is a bright space with a terrace and inside it is roomy and I feel comfortable painting, reading or cooking…it is more than a second home.    

I think the art is born with the person, it is a vital attitude, it is instinctive, and like i said, it is more than the artistic production. To me it has to do with the need to understand yourself, to have awareness of your context, it is to build, and to develop thoughts and abilities, to want to communicate and have the capacity to enjoy being.

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