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My name is Tincuța Marin, I was born on the 24th of January 1995 in Galați, Romania. I live and work in Cluj-Napoca. Without children, but I live with three pets, two cats named Fun-fun & Dimitrie and a dog named Giorgii. I often like to say that “in the Dinosaurus world stars are green”. This was also the title of one of my past exhibitions.

Image courtesy of Moga Marius Dan

I have witnessed my mother paint. She used to make reproductions of her favorite artists, like Ivan Siskin or other realist painters. Born in a large family with many siblings, I used to be the quiet one – so I discovered painting as a form of talking, my language became my drawings, paintings and clay sculptures.

I can’t really define it.,, this whole world of monsters and funny creatures simply come to me… it’s the fight of good against evil, like in our daily lives. I paint every day. I sometimes paint dreams, or fragments of dreams. I envision my self as bigfoot and Giorgii is the dinosaurus – remember “in the world of dinosaurus, stars are green” !

Image courtesy of Marin

I can’t really pin-point my style and I wouldn’t like to… Academically speaking it’s mixed media on canvas and I have not big secrets to tell. Actually the world is full of secrets why should one tell them?

I do a lot of sketches, so I have many, many sketches… that’s the starting point. Sometimes I start with a series of sketches and change the whole idea instantly as I start to paint. Then I continue those sketches in different works. I love to be free in my practice. I improvise a lot and it’s great fun. Sometimes I also mould sculptures out of clay that become models for my still-life works. These sculptures I also use to make stop motion videos, that also become sketches to my paintings. As I have already told you: it’s great fun.

Image courtesy of Marin

Motivation? I don’t know, I think a good cup of coffee to start my day. Artists? There are a lot of artists I adore: Philip Guston, Balthus, Basquiat, Picasso, Roger Ballen, Enzo Cucchi, Hannah Hoch, Max Ernst, Edward Munch, Hieronymus Bosch, Monet, Manet, Gauguin, Chagall, Bruegel the elder, Mario Sironi… there are many, many artists I adore… and there are more from Art of the renaissance, Medieval art, Gothic art, Art brut, African art, Prehistoric art, specially cave drawings, American Indian & Aboriginal Art, German expressionism, Abstract art, Fauvist art, Transavantgarde art, Surrealist art, Cubism, modern art in general and post impressionism… as I have already told you… there are many things I like and love.

I think an artist, a real artist can’t do anything else but work (paint, sculpt whatever it is he does) We don’t try to define what art is, we simply work… we can’t think of anything else – it’s magic, it’s the unknown that turns a pile of paper and some paints into art. How could you ever try and describe it ?! Using one word, I’d say it’s witchery.

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