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My name is Natalia Romanciuc, Artist and mom. I live in a small but beautiful and cozy Moldova, from the sunny village of Belyavintsy in the very north of the country. “Art, if not bread, is the wine of life!”- is a phrase that finds a strong appeal in me. I love with all my heart what I am doing, the creative side that makes my mental, physical and spiritual self absolutely happy. Pacification, happiness, harmony . A couple of canvases, 20 brushes and about 20 oil paints is all I need.

The love of art was born in me when I was 17 years old. Like in a movie, I woke up one morning and decided that I would be an artist! After leaving school, I entered the Academy of Arts and four years later I graduated from it with honors. This path of four years gave me the awareness and full understanding that I am on the right way. I know it is given to me from above. In the 2nd year of my studies, I rented my first studio. I gradually revealed my talent and possibilities of self-expression.

It is a necessity for my life like water. For the last 5 years I have been working constantly. I am inspired by the feminine body, feminine powers and capabilities of our body, mind and spirit. There is no feministic inclination in this, I love men and they love me) I am raising a boy – my son. Recently, interior items have inspired me. Namely the chairs! The chair acts as a support, internal female support that helps to move on every day. How different these chairs are!

You can see that the main image of my work is Woman. Life is Woman. Woman is the embodiment of absolute beauty and love. The gift of motherhood is a huge grace from God for a woman, pure strength. I myself am now going through this amazing experience. Today my woman reflects the masculine side in her, social, worldly and spiritual. My woman is Mother, daughter, wife, karma, spirit, nature, spring, sky, flowers, nun, sister, chimera, animal: they are all holding hands, this is the whole universe.

My Workshop is my secondhome, located in an old building (in the times of the USSR it served as the Ministry of Defense of Moldova) in the center of Chisinau. My pre-work ritual is a double cappuccino in a nearby cafe, Poetry. My Workshop is a large bright room where I feel so good. There is usually a terrible mess. In a fit of passion for the process I throw things on the floor while working and often have to clean up. There are painting books, a coffee machine, a lot of paints and smells of paint, a lot of dirty brushes, a mirror, a large purple wall, 30-50 of my paintings -children and me.    

Piece with Artist. ©

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