Moritz Berg


My name is Moritz Berg, I was born in 1994, in Schwäbisch Gmünd, a small city in the uplands of the south of Germany. The past eight years I’ve been living and working in Stuttgart. My artistic practice is based on the study of perception and in particular on the emotional effects that our immediate environment has. Starting from trivial and everyday moments I’m creating paintings and sketches which reflect the fast pace of our time and point out hidden qualities in supposed trivia.

I completed my master’s degree in architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart in spring 2020. My interest in art, culture and music, as well as my very own creative activities coalesced more and more with my architectural studies over time. There was no certain moment on-which I chose art, it just felt right to me.

I’m dealing with things like a cast shadow of a plant or a light reflection in a window, since everything around us affects and shapes us. Whether we perceive it actively or subconsciously. The trivia, which we often perceive subconsciously, have just as great an effect on our thinking, feeling and acting as things that actively enter our consciousness. Therefore I try to encounter my environment very cautious. I seek my fulfillment not in things, but in moments, and that is what I try to convey through my paintings.

My studio is located in the heart of Stuttgart, surrounded by a cafes, restaurants and a big urban square with a lot of bustle. It’s a shared studio place in an old building with different artist working there. I’m very grateful to have my own space where I can work undisturbed, yet having the possibility to have a chat with other artists.

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