Maximilian Magnus


My Name is Maximilian Magnus, I am 37 years old. I was born in the Bavarian country side in Germany where I moved back to two years ago after years of living all over the world. I live with my girlfriend, three horses and 4 Cats. “LEAVE A FOOTPRINT THAT MATTERS – PLANT TREES” 

I was trained in scenic painting (Back drops) for theatre and opera. My first abstract expressionist painting was created by destroying a work, screaming, in rage and tears. Then I knew that art is my way of expressing my self. Or I am just a tool for the spheric art to be seen. Depends how you look at it.

Oil, acrylic, charcoal on canvas. The works are mostly large, 2 x 2 meters and bigger. Best technique has always been to let the inner child and the spirit  do the work. Technically everything is possible. I love to create new colors every time i paint and sometimes follow their path. I usually leave the studio when I am exhausted, both physically and mentally. I then go back the next day and let the painting tell me what happened.  

As I know what I am technically doing, I prepare the crime scene to the fullest and highly professional to make sure I then can get lost and dive through worlds that show me what to do. Its always like a dance and my movements leave traces of the entire time creating the work. Sometime weeks and months of dancing. And all of a sudden I stop. And then its like a movie I have watched or a dream I have dreamed. There for you to see. If you like of course.

The urge to create and knowing that there always will be art that helps the world and me to reform myself  is what drives me. I honestly don’t really know if so much other artists have influenced me much. Maybe, probably. I was lucky to have been able to be the first artist after Willem De Kooning died to live and work at his studio, next to his works for almost a year. That was wild of course but I didn’t understand his work at the time. I actually get confused in my own creation when I see too much works of others. I try to make sure it really is and stays my very own kind of art.

My studio is heaven to create. A 550m2 Hall with beautiful light in the middle of the country side, surrounded with lots of nature. I love the place to be clean and very organized so I feel safe after landing in it from a wild trip inside my self. I am not talking about drugs. I drive my bike in it and always use the swing that hangs in the middle of it. I always make my collectors use the swing before we do business. It really is a playground.

For me it is a necessary must do and will always be on my side till my last breath I guess. That sounds a bit pathetic. Well. When one is able to see the communication and the beauty between the physical and the spiritual world, it´s art. Knowing that it runs through me makes me happy and very comfortable.

Art is like a friend and a world I can always go to, ask questions and feel home no matter where on this planet I am. I have a kind of romance with my own little art world. And I am not talking about the art circus out there but the one within my self. Yeah, just think of all the beautiful dreams you have and imagine you can always go back to them. And this is what happens to some people when they look at them and if they are brave enough they jump in and find their own beautiful world which only they can read and love.

Piece with Artist. ©

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