Alessandro Florio


My name is Alessandro Florio. Native, romantic, inebriated by the past time, observing the artistic expession of Sicilian antiquity, I’m taming the intemperance of my brushstrokes. Perfection humbles the origin of the approach to the canvas.

The transition from tattooing to painting was short and visceral. Afrer starting to paint I realized that I could find my shelter. I’m looking for energy in the Past, everything about Byzantine workmanship such as mosaics and frescoes fascinates me, a strong point for me is also the Sicilian nature. In the antiquity of my old Island I’m finding my present.

In Atelier I can stop the time, my only  concern is to do a good job, I demand a lot from myself and in the study I must find comfort and attraction. Nestled in the center of my small town, I can breathe an intense atmosphere and located in an ancient building I can feel the strenght of the past ages.

Art is the negation of truth, what is observed belongs to those who created it, as in Monet’s Garden, we are momentary guests of others paintings.

Piece with Artist. ©

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